Witch Vs Healer

Some people that were close to me, called me a witch. As every time I tell them something most of the time will becomes real, Positive Life transformation happened. Unfortunately those are people that having a difficulty to accept life as how it should be and didn’t really understand if there is something bigger than money and social level, this is what we call Energy. They do know, heard and talk about it but need more time to really dive in it. They also free to say what they feel about me, but for me when you really care to someone or people you will feel what they feel, you can sense what will happen to them and kind of have telepathy with them. It is not a magic 😉 It is Lie if I say that I’m not get affected by that, because it does come in to my mind sometimes and confuse me a little bit, but I know what I’m doing and I knew that I can’t do magic. One day my son and I were watching bewitched in television, when the character in the movie does a magic, I said to him “I am just like them!!! I do magic, I’m a witch!!!” Then my 8yo son replayed “You are not a witch mama you are a Healer, you don’t do magic like witches, what you do is helping people, healing them!” Wow, I was amazed and impressed by his wisdom. In his age he see very clear, his able to explained and understand the different between a witch and a Healer, while myself a little blur about that and even those who gave the judgment, didn’t want to see the truth beyond their fear. Yes it does, a miracle does happened, but is not only from me. It is from you, from them, from everyone, it’s from people who gave me their trusts and keep giving me a chance to be their guide, to be the bridge between their inner divine to the highest divine and the power of universe. I thank everyone from the deepest of my heart for being open and letting me do my best to help you. “I don’t do magic, I just a guide that help you to create your own miracle” Big thanks to you my son Bagus, to always be the angel voice in my life.

2 thoughts on “Witch Vs Healer

  1. We have to be strong and brave and trust in the energy .Who knows why some of us can feel it more than others.Is it because our hearts are open,is it because we put that energy above all materialistic things and what others think,is it because we are more sensitive-who knows but there is a reason it has happened to us and it is up to us to stay connected to that source-a source that is one of unfathomable massive unconditional love and be a vessel to help those open to it see what we see ,know what we know.Whatever religion there is -if it is based on love connection ,serving others we have to follow it.It is why we are here-to serve,to learn to grow to connect and most of all to choose love not fear.Being able to connect into others field and use it for helping others find their true core and essence being love and connection is not a witch.Your son is right it is a Lightworker and healer.Love and light to you.I am blessed to have met you.Blessed that you allowed me to spend some time in your energy.It is only going to make me want to help others more.There is not enough time to change the naysayers thinking.It is our purpose to keep moving forward and do what we need to do.Be guided by our heart and soul.Never regret never forget the gift of life unconditional love.Bless you tanjung.x

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