A Reason to Love

Once someone had asked me, give me the reason why you love me?! at that time i don’t know the answer, i said i have no reason, i love you just because i love you from my heart.

Then he told me all the reason why he want to be with me and to love me, he asked me to think about it and try to find the answer.

Time goes by then we got to the very end of our relationship, is not a very nice ending. it is actually quite nasty and rude then all the reason to hates came from him, the reason for separation, reason by reason for this for that, for so many unpredictable and unreasonable things. At that very moment i finally found the answer Why i couldn’t find the reason of “Why I love him” it is because ” i don’t need the reason to hates”

If you love someone, love from the heart, never regret everything that you did for them that’s feel right at the moment you were in love. Otherwise when the relationship din’t work, you will always try to find the reason to hate or closed the door. the more you do it, the more it hurt you.

When the relationship doesn’t work and you have to say goodbye to your love one, keep them in you heart with all the beautiful memory you had, and let the memory fade away without force, then you’ll ready to move on without keeping the pain and disappointment. opening the new chapter in your heart and your life.

If you keep all the memory in your mind, it will turn to be a virus..bite you a little bit by a little bit, remind you everyday,every moment of all the memory hurt,pain. then force you to forget!!! most of the time it will turn to become a hates,anger,burden,stress that make you stuck in the moment of memory,soon you will loose your self, your life and all that left is just emptiness and loneliness.

” Love with with heart, with no reason”


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